The Shinta Mani Foundation believes in working together with other like-minded organizations to increase our ability to help the underprivileged and to support the excellent work of quality NGOs helping those in need.

Global Dental Relief (GDR)

The Shinta Mani Foundation has been in a successful partnership with Global Dental Relief since 2010, an organization deeply committed to providing free dental care to children globally, in countries such as Nepal, India, Guatemala, Mexico, Kenya, Cambodia, and Kentucky. With the help of dedicated volunteer dentists, hygienists, assistants, and general volunteers, they are able to deliver both treatment and preventive care in dental clinics that cater to children from schools and remote villages.

Further extending their impact, Global Dental Relief also provides toothbrushes and oral health education in schools, while supplying essential nutrition to children in dire situations.

Working in collaboration with Global Dental Relief, we have successfully provided dental care to over 16,000 individuals. One of the significant achievements of our partnership is the establishment of a mobile dental clinic in the vicinity of the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site of Angkor Wat. This initiative has paved the way for first-time dental care and oral health education for children residing in neighboring villages.

Wildlife Alliance

The Shinta Mani Foundation has partnered with Wildlife Alliance to bolster our environmental conservation efforts. This collaboration enhances our commitment to protect Cambodia's rich biodiversity, focusing on anti-poaching measures, wildlife rescue, and forest protection initiatives. Together, we strive to safeguard our natural heritage, promoting sustainable coexistence between communities and their environment.

Founded in 1995 by Superwoman Suwanna Gauntlett, Wildlife Alliance – previously known as the Global Survival Network – is an international non-profit organization with ongoing in-country programs in Cambodia and completed projects in Thailand, Myanmar, India, Ecuador and Russia.

Shinta Mani Wild funds a dedicated Wildlife Alliance ranger station within its camp; guests are invited to join the rangers in their diverse work, which includes dealing with a multitude of snares and the animals they catch, arresting poachers and loggers and seizing the likes of chainsaws and home made guns and on a happy day the release of captured wildlife.

Rice for Cambodia

The Shinta Mani Foundation has been proudly partnered with Rice For Cambodia, an Australian registered charity, since 2015. Our joint mission is to uplift the lives of the most impoverished in the Angkor Thom District of Siem Reap, acknowledged as the poorest district, through a comprehensive approach that includes support to local schools and health centers, emphasizing the critical role of education and hygiene in overall development.

Our support extends beyond financial contributions, with Shinta Mani Foundation staff actively participating in ongoing projects initiated by Rice For Cambodia. These projects range from monthly food drops and educational encouragement packages to families, to supplying medical equipments and New Mums Kits to the Peak Sneng Health Centre. Furthermore, we contribute to educational resources for children at Sandan Primary School and provide urgent medical assistance when required.

In addition, our staff at the Shinta Mani Foundation play a pivotal role in coordinating and supervising building projects sponsored by Rice For Cambodia. These include the construction of sanitary facilities at the Peak Sneng Health Centre, and the establishment of a playground and canteen at Sandan Primary School. We also oversee housing construction, water well drilling, toilet installation, and the initiation of vegetable gardens and chicken coops. We are committed to fostering self-sufficiency through these efforts, further enhancing our impact by supporting micro-financed businesses within these communities.